Starting and Scaling Online Businesses for Young Entrepreneurs

Powered by – Prime Minister’s Youth Program, Ministry of Commerce & USAID PREIA

Change Mechanics organized a training course for aspiring Pakistani entrepreneurs in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, the Ministry of Commerce, and the USAID Pakistan Regional Economic Integration Activity (PREIA). With over 300 startups and entrepreneurs, including 100 female entrepreneurs, taking part in the training sessions, the program was created to assist young business owners in expanding their enterprises using online platforms.

Physical training took place in five different cities across Pakistan and was divided into five online cohorts with two training days each. The training sessions gave attendees a foundational understanding of various types and sources of funding, as well as hands-on experience with effective social media and digital marketing strategies. To provide examples from their own industries and make the training more interesting, participants were divided into five groups, including those representing food, education, services, fashion, and other industries.

Using training materials and manuals created for a prior training session for PREIA’s women entrepreneurs, Change Mechanics played a crucial role in carrying out the training program. A facilitator’s manual was created to give future facilitators a step-by-step guide on how to conduct the training session using the same technique. The manuals contained all the training content in addition to additional reference materials.

The training course was well received by participants, who thought it was very useful and efficient. The program’s success can be attributed to how interactive and interesting it is, which encourages participation from the participants who actively participate in the sessions, share their insights, and gain knowledge from one another.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in e-commerce in Pakistan, and the government has taken a number of measures to encourage it, including lowering taxes on e-commerce transactions and providing funding for startups in the industry. Despite obstacles like a lackluster digital infrastructure and the dominance of cash transactions, e-commerce is still growing quickly in Pakistan. Business leaders and the government can help Pakistan’s economy grow and create jobs by collaborating to overcome these obstacles.

The accomplishment of the PREIA demonstrates Change Mechanics’ dedication to encouraging young entrepreneurs in Pakistan and fostering economic development in the nation. The business is a great partner for organizations looking to grow and succeed in the quickly evolving business environment because of its experience providing training programs for entrepreneurs and dedication to innovation and excellence.

Starting and Scaling Online Businesses for Women Entrepreneurs

Powered by – USAID PREIA

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) launched PREIA’s training program for women entrepreneurs, and it has been a resounding success. For the purpose of assisting and fostering the growth of women-owned businesses through online platforms, Change Mechanics Pvt Ltd was tasked with holding two-day physical training courses in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi in 2021.

The training program aimed to support the growth of entrepreneurship, lower poverty, increase employment for women, promote women in business, and contribute to higher GDP. To ascertain the needs of the participants, Change Mechanics conducted an online needs assessment survey. In collaboration with PREIA, they then created the training materials.

The training team used a variety of methodologies to make the sessions interesting and interactive. The training program was divided into seven modules that used consulting and solution-based approaches. Women entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds participated in the event, the majority of whom had operated their businesses for a while but lacked the necessary skills to benefit from e-commerce. Following each training, there was an additional mentoring and coaching session.

The manuals produced for the training program served as the participants’ future reference guides and contained all the training materials as well as additional reference materials to aid in their understanding of the topics. To help future facilitators deliver the training using the same methodology, a separate facilitator’s manual was also created.

Women’s empowerment, poverty reduction, job creation, the promotion of women in business, and the development of entrepreneurship all contributed to higher GDP due to the training program’s success in enhancing the capacity of Pakistani women entrepreneurs. Even after the training course, the participants were given access to the personalized action plan templates, which served as a helpful reference manual. Each trainee had the chance to create their own course of action thanks to the interactive sessions’ action-based learning framework, which allowed participants to immediately apply what they learned in the business world.

The training course offered by Change Mechanics Pvt Ltd succeeded in raising the capacity of female entrepreneurs. The outcomes of the program have positively impacted Pakistan’s entrepreneurship development, and the participant manuals and personalized action plan templates that were provided to them have acted as helpful reference materials even after the training course. Each trainee SME/Startup received a set of personalized action plan templates, and the trainers made sure that interactive, action-based learning-based sessions were used to enable participants to immediately apply what they learned in the business world.

Acceleration Program for Women Entrepreneurs (APWE)

Change Mechanics is proud to be part of the U.S. government’s efforts to empower women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Change Mechanics assisted in the Accelerator Program for Women Entrepreneurs (APWE), in association with TiE and the U. S. where 35 women from all over Pakistan were trained for 3-minute presentations to international judges. 12 of the competition’s 476 women-led startups were chosen, incubated at FI, and sent to Silicon Valley for a two-month visit to meet with foreign investors.

The APWE program offered those women the tools, coaching, mentorship, and sustainable platforms necessary to forge business ties with both regional and international investors. To assist women in better communicating their business ideas to investors, it provided feedback and coaching on entrepreneurship plans and pitches.

The program offers female business owners a special chance to get exposure and resources that will help them expand their enterprises and have a long-lasting effect on their communities. Women in Pakistan who want to start businesses can get the tools and resources they need through initiatives like APWE, helping them grow profitable enterprises and advance the economy of their nation.

The U. S. Government is proud to collaborate with groups like Change Mechanics, TiE and FI to support Pakistan’s next generation of entrepreneurs, especially women.

We are excited to see the impact that these women-led startups will have on their communities and beyond. Programs like APWE have the potential to create a ripple effect, lifting up entire communities and reducing poverty. Change Mechanics remains committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Pakistan and around the world, and we are proud to be part of this important work. Join us in supporting women entrepreneurs and spreading the word about this incredible opportunity.

BDSPs Capacity Building Workshops

Powered by – USAID SMEA (Chemonics International)

The goal of the USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) is to support the growth of Pakistan’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), with the understanding that SME-driven economic growth will result in the lowering of poverty rates, the creation of jobs, and the growth of entrepreneurship, all of which will ultimately increase GDP. To accomplish this, USAID SMEA started a cost-sharing program with chosen Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs) to deliver high-quality services for SMEs and strengthen the SME sector. To ensure BDSPs had the ability to expand their businesses and provide services to more SMEs, a capacity-building training program had also been started.

For BDSPs from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, Change Mechanics and CyberVision International were hired to lead two 2-day workshops. At SMEA’s request, an additional workshop was also held in Islamabad. The workshop’s curriculum was created following a thorough gap analysis that included BDSPs from various sectors and industries to better understand their content requirements and design an effective learning environment for all participants. The workshop was kept interesting and interactive by utilizing a variety of training methodologies. It was composed of six modules that were distributed over the course of two days. As a learning exercise after the training, a unique virtual live webinar session on financial management and taxation was also held.

The workshops were found to be valuable and worthwhile in a post-training evaluation, and all of the participants agreed that the skills and knowledge they gained there were applicable. Language and cultural barriers presented some difficulties for the training, which were identified. Recommendations on how to improve the training program were made, including holding follow-up workshops more frequently, offering more technical training, and implementing more interactive training methods.

The USAID SMEA BDSP Capacity Building Training Workshops were successful in helping participants gain a better understanding of business development strategies, how to strengthen their value propositions, and how to look for opportunities. The workshops gave BDSPs invaluable knowledge and skills they could use to enhance their business development procedures and support Pakistan’s SME-led economic growth.

National Incubation Centre Faisalabad

Funded by – Ignite National Technology Fund

The Fauji Fertilizer Comapny Ltd led consortium including Change Mechanics Pvt Ltd have been awarded the contract to manage the Agri & Tech focused National Incubation Center in Faisalabad. We believe that this centre will be a game changer in promoting agri startups to adress the challenges of food security in Pakistan. This is alligned with Change Mechanics’s mission of supporting startups and entrepreneurs.

Founder Institute, Pakistan

The Founder Institute is the world’s premier pre-seed tech SME accelerator. Since2009, the Institute has helped over 3,300 companies raise over $700M and builds some of the world’s fastest growing companies. In Pakistan, Founder Institute is operating in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi and all 4 chapters are being managed by Change Mechanics (Pvt) Ltd as its operating partner. The revenue sharing agreement is operative in our agreement with the National Incubation Centres in Lahore & Karachi in which Founder Institute provides the incubation curriculum.

The dynamic curriculum and extensive library of tools and templates is extremely useful in helping Startups and SME’s build profitable and sustainable businesses. The learnings from the world class global expertise and knowledge pool of Founder Institute have been extremely helpful for Change Mechanics to provide better services to Pakistani Startups and SME’s.

Currently we are running the Founder Institute Pakistan Virtual Semester an online session with tech Startups from across the globe providing us with a very valuable experience.

Innovation Challenge – Trainings & Workshops

Powered by – USAID SMEA (Chemonics International)

Conducted virtual/physical trainings (Co-Creation Workshops , Pitch Trainings, Business development Workshops) to support the creation and diffusion of innovative, sustainable, and scalable business solution to the competitiveness challenges facing Pakistani small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in selected sectors of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Hospitality, Agri – Business and Processing (Off- farm), Textile (minus Spinning), Light Engineering, Logistics and Women Led Businesses.


Change Mechanics was the implementation partner of the WECREATE CENTRE (Women Entrepreneurship Centre managed by TiE Islamabad) in 2015 to ensure that the project was completed and inaugurated on time and after that we have played a number of roles including providing networking and mentoring support, partnering to launch a number of very valuable knowledge-based interventions.

SUN Nutribiz “Strategy to Scale” Workshop

Powered by – Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

2-day strategy to scale workshop with food and Agri startups and SME’s. It includes training content, design and delivery.