About the Company

Change Mechanics (Pvt) Ltd, incorporated in June 2016, is an organization that is building and strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan by engaging in community building, initiating meaningful dialogues and interventions with key stakeholders.

Our core focus remains on value maximization by providing innovative solutions and services to Startups, SMEs & Corporations through knowledge sharing, mentor collab- orations, and effective networking. We leverage our national and global connections to create value networks with the objective of transforming companies and industries.


Empowering people to live the best version of themselves.


Improving our world through the power of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Empathy provides perspective
Integrity makes a life worth living
Innovation can solve the World’s wicked problems
Building Communities to usher positive change

CEO’s Message

There is a popular saying “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. But the fact is that most dreams lie un- fulfilled. Ideas that can change the world and make it a better place most often do not see the light of the day. Change Mechanics was also born with a dream, the dream that we can help dreamers fulfil their destiny and turn their dreams into reality. Our mission is to help those who are passionate about making a difference by empowering them with the right knowledge, tools and networks.

Today’s world is at the same time, both a wonderful place and a terrible place. It brims with possibilities and opportunity and is weighed down by misery and wasted potential. We believe that innovators and imagineers can help humanity live up to its potential by unleashing the power of imagination and utilizing technology to solve the worlds wicked problems.

Change Mechanics acts as a guide for individuals & organizations to successfully chart their course in their voyage of discovering their potential and value. We organize trainings, courses, networks, and consultancy sessions that unlock new vistas of achievement and growth.

So, if you are an organization, a startup or an individual who wants to be all they can be, its time for us to have a meaningful conversation.

Sayyed Ahmad Masud