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Change Mechanics is a result-oriented business training and consultancy firm that delivers exceptional value by helping organizations achieve their goals through practical solutions and expert guidance.

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We understand that the business environment in Pakistan is constantly evolving, and companies need to adapt quickly to remain competitive.

As a business leader you are on a voyage to discover your company’s full potential. Let us be your guides on this journey. With our expertise and your resolve, your company can realize its full value. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that address the unique challenges facing our clients.

Innovation-Driven Solutions

We specialize in fostering a culture of innovation within organizations. Our team works closely with clients to identify areas for improvement and implement creative solutions that drive innovation and spur growth. We provide strategies and tools to encourage idea generation, streamline processes, and embrace new technologies, ensuring our clients stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Goal-Driven Business Training

We provide customized and result-oriented training programs that help organizations achieve their specific goals. Our training solutions are designed to enhance skills, improve productivity, and drive success.

Strategic Consultancy

Focused on creating actionable plans that align with our clients’ business objectives and goals.

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Startup.pk is our company knowledge and services platform that helps entrepreneurs and startups easily gain entrepreneurial knowledge, tips, and information on funding sources and opportunities along with different services such as registering their companies.

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WECON Movement is our initiative to support and empower women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Through various programs, events and conclaves, we bring together stakeholders to highlight women’s entrepreneurial challenges, highlight stories, and also provide training and mentorship opportunities to women entrepreneurs.

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We improved our social connections and product selling.
Mehnaz Qamar, Herbcar

The 1st success above all is that now being a business owner I learned modern techniques that lead me towards my success.

Sobia Aqeel, SAAF International

I have learnt true meaning of SEO. Brand name, brand personality and promise etc. Taking my business in to a right direction now. Implementing all learning on my developing business.

Syeda Sumana Ali, BB Creations

Better productivity and clarity

Irtafa, Shahnawaz Stationery Co
Many things have been troubling me, I have benefited from this session very much. Working on correcting these things, and will get the results soon.
Shaheen Zaman, Wedding & Jewellery Designer

I started using AI content writer to make efficient and engaging content.

Hina Sohail, Yogatiful

I realised many mistakes, which I was ignoring previously. Now improving the business model significantly. The workshop was practical and full of learning. Highly Appreciated

Waqas Siddique, Dropout's Cafe

Reduced return, increase sales 10% more from online

Tania Bashir, Tani Sha

I made a campaign on Google ads and get very attractive results, from the last 6 months we get only 10 to 15 online inquiries but when I run google ads in different European countries I get 25 results in the last 15 days.

Muhammad Suleman Yameen, PLF Leather

I will be using almost all of the techniques and will follow the booklet provided. My business is very new, so this cannot be concluded. But it provided a very good platform for connecting and information. Thank you for the opportunity for learning.

Madeha Jabbar, Kids Learning Hub

My post designing is now more attractive.

Jabeen Yaqoob, Wear with Savvy

We have redeveloped our Website From Start To End & Uploaded New Model Shoot Pics.

Hamza Tariq, Claw Fashion